Seen in Concert

This is a list of all the artists that I've seen in concerts. I'll warn you that the majority of them are Christian artists because I used to go to those all the time in that phase of my life. I haven't been to a concert in probably 15-20 years so don't look for any new artists on here. Once I post the artist, I will list them here.
  • Michael W. Smith - Seen him twice but one of the concerts was one of the bests I had been to. He didn't bring the band so it was just him on the piano, it was pretty awesome.
  • Whiteheart - I've seen them a few times at music festivals as well as a solo concert.
  • Russ Taff - If I remember correctly, I had seen him in concert 3 times.
  • DeGarmo & Key - I believe I only saw them once and it was at a music festival.
  • Geoff Moore & the Distance - I think I've only seen them once in concert as well and it towards the end of when I was listening to Christian Music.
  • Randy Stonehill - I saw him once and I believe it was on the Wonderama tour.
  • Styx - I saw them at an outdoor concert underneath the arch in St. Louis. They had free concerts during the Fourth of July weekends.
  • Petra - I've seen Petra a ton of times in concerts. Solo concerts and Music Festival concerts. By ton I mean probably between 15-20 times total.
  • Amy Grant - This concert was probably one of the last Christian concerts I ever went to. I went with my mom and brother and she was actually the opening act for another artist that will eventually get listed here.
  • DC Talk - I've seen them in concert a ton of times as well. One of the music festivals I went to had them play the same song every morning to get everyone up. Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think I've seen them in a solo concert. They were all at festivals or conferences.
  • Steven Curtis Chapman - I only remember seeing him in concert once but I could have seen him more than that.
  • Ray Boltz - I've seen him a couple of times but most of his concerts were in churches so they weren't huge concerts by any means.
  • Mylon & the Broken Heart - I've seen them in concert a bunch of times including solo concerts and music festivals.

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