Tuesday, July 18, 2017

No Way, We Are Not Ashamed by Carman

I have quite a few of Carman's song on my playlist so it's shocking that it took over 330 songs before I got my first one.

We are the children of the King
We're not afraid to let our voices ring
Christ is our salvation
He's the light that shines
We are a chosen generation
Redeemed, sactified, engrafted in the the vine

No way, we are not ashamed
Of the gospel or his name
Holy hands are lifted high
To the name of Jesus Christ

(repeat chorus)

There's many voices in the wind
But only one that frees the soul from sin
Do you know Christ is still the answer
For the world today
There is no other name so given
Unto a fallen man that he might be saved

(repeat chorus)

Now way, we are not
Ashamed, no way
We are not ashamed, no way
We are not ashamed
No way-we are not ashamed
No way
No way

(repeat chorus)

  • This is the 331st song on this blog.
  • This is the 1st song by Carman and he is the 247th different artist to appear on this blog.
  • This is the 7th song released in 1988 on this blog.
  • This is the 41st song listed in the Christian genre on this blog.

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