Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Broken Wings by Mr. Mister

This is one of those earworm songs that gets stuck in your head when you hear it. At least it's a good song to get stuck.

Baby I don't understand
Why we can't just hold on
To each others hands
This time will be the last
I fear unless I make it all so clear
I need you so

Take these broken wings
And learn to fly again
And learn to live so free
And when we hear the voices sing
The book of love will open up
And let us in

Baby I think tonight
We can take what was wrong
And make it right
I need you so
Baby it's all I know
That you're half of the flesh
And blood makes me whole
I need you so

  • This is the 153rd song on this blog.
  • This is the 1st song by Mr. Mister and they are the 129th artist to appear on this blog.
  • This is the 5th song released in 1985 on this blog.
  • This is the 24th song listed in the 80's genre.
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