Friday, August 19, 2016

Circle Slide by the Choir

Our first 2 time artist post. Even from the same album. I mentioned before that I loved this album so it's only fitting that this is the first duplicate artist.

Imagine one perfect circle
Above the stratosphere
Where lovers hide away
And children cheer
Because the ground has melted
Where the devil stood
Never mind the carnival
In your own neighborhood

Come on let’s ride
The circle slide
Come on let’s ride, ride
The circle slide

Around my neck against my heart
I wear a wooden cross
And sometimes I remember
What freedom cost
Shake off your golden shackles
Children of time no more
Consider now the crimson crown
The Man of Sorrows wore


I know it’s hard to imagine
When someone makes you cry
Fire in the heavens
And laughter in the sky
Just let the wind blow through your spirit
Let the sun shine on your face
Let’s look into each other’s eyes
And sing Amazing Grace


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  • This is the second song by the Choir on this blog.
  • This is the second song released in 1990 on this blog.
  • This is the seventh song listed in the Christian genre on this blog.
  • This album is already listed on the Albums I've Owned page.
  • I went ahead and got rid of the before and after songs because my phone just isn't cooperating. The next song has been wrong the last few days anyways and the only reason I know that is because of that section. So it's gone.
  • I guess I can't complain that it took 44 posts before I used an artist that I had already used. Believe me though, the Spotify random isn't that good. I hear songs all the time that I've heard recently and considering I have over 2000 songs on the playlist.

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