Thursday, September 1, 2016

Living on the Edge of Time by Russ Taff

This is one of my favorite albums of all time. I listened to it over and over and over back in the day. It's another album that I like every song. Russ is one of my favorite Christian singers as well, he can sing in any genre. This is more of a rock but his next album was more country, he had an album of kind of a Southern Gospel and a great Christmas album that was all Jazz. I believe he can sing most anything. This isn't even one of his better hits but it's still good.

This album is on my Albums I've Owned page.

Tomorrow just another day
For a fighting man
To give his life away
A cry for peace with such destructive means
Watching while my TV screams

It’s a world of desperate people
See themselves through empty eyes
Who can reach them
Who will lead them
Living on the edge of time,

A burning struggle inside myself
When I see this living hell
Who can pray
Who can make it stop
Time passing on atomic clocks

I know that things won’t stay the same
The winds of the future
Are bringing a change
I’ve got to deal with my human condition
And make a difference if I can

  • This is the 53rd song on this blog.
  • This is the first song by Russ Taff on this blog.
  • This is the fifth song released in 1987 on this blog.
  • This is the ninth song listed in the Christian genre on this blog.

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